Verticals need to be straight. Period.

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Verticals need to be straight. Period.

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It is important not to overlook this one easy step

One huge problem seen across the real estate industry are images that are not straight. This means when the image is captured the camera is either tilted right or left or up or down. This problem needs to stop, especially given how incredibly easy it is to fix. Crooked images are a mark of a true amateur photographer and will make your listings look less professional. When a camera is tilted it warps the home or the room. Walls begin to lean and things that we know inherently are straight are now askew.

This house is leaning away from the viewer. This is caused when the camera is tilted up. We all know this house is not built like this and its jarring to see.
This is a much better production of this home. Its square to the viewer and it’s much more pleasing to look at.

Interiors are also plagued with poor camera angles

Another place we see bad verticals are interior shots. These shots leave walls uneven, and distorts the home unnaturally. Its easy enough for any photographer to level out their tripod and eliminate much of this issue. When leveling a tripod is not possible or overlooked it is very easy to fix verticals in post production. There is literally no excuse to have bad angles (unless your photographer accidentally uploaded the original, maybe).

There are a few things wrong with this image above. The drawer is left open, there is a toilet bowl brush in the scene and chief among these issues is the door frame. It falls towards the right and this as we all know is not accurate as to how the house was built. Half the problems in this image can be cleaned up by just fixing the verticals.

This is already better just by straightening the image.

The last example we have to drive home the point is another bathroom shot above. To be fair these types of bathroom are terrible to shoot. You either shoot the toilet, or a sink. Neither of which tell a good story. Its almost best to leave these out and in your home description say half bath. This angle is so bad though that not even post production will save it. If you absolutely must have this shot shooting to the right showing the sink and mirror is a much better option than pointed down.

That was it folks. Our quick public service announcement to all you realtors. When you list your home, make sure your images are square. Its a quick fix and it makes a big difference.

Author: Pinnacle Tour
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