Highlights of the Luxury Package

When you need to make an impressive statement for an upscale listing the Luxury Package has everything you want and more. In addition to images you will receive aerial photography, aerial video, virtual tour, agent intro video, interior video and twilight photography services.

  1. Aerial Photography –We step up our media production by capturing aerial photos of the home and property. This service offers a unique perspective when showcasing large lots, proximity to nearby locations, scenery, solar panels or the surrounding community.
  2. Aerial Video – Our aerial video service presents any listing in the most striking and dynamic way. We produce drone footage videos comprised of various flight paths that show off the entire property and its outdoor features.
  3. Virtual Tour – A virtual tour is a custom designed slideshow that displays property images in the mini web page we build for you and highlights its best features.
  4. Twilight Photography – There is little that can compete with a dramatic twilight image. It commands you to look at it, which is essential when trying to stand out to potential buyers browsing a multitude of homes online. This artistic style of photography truly sparkles and shines.
  5. Interior Video – Where the exterior video is comprised of drone footage, the interior video is shot at ground level using our professional camera equipment. A complete walk through of the home is done while we capture panoramic views within the interior space

* This package includes our basic video post production service, which includes the following:

Up to 1 minute in length
Basic titling for address
Static client logo
Branded and unbranded versions
Color grading and balancing
Premium music track matched to editing

We also offer enhanced video service options.  To see the complete list of these options click here: HD Video

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